My review: BLACK SWAN LANE – Scream for me

BLACK SWAN LANE – Scream for Me

My review

First official single in Black Swan Lane’s career and this song is not a scrap of Vita Eterna: Jack Richard Sobel simply felt it needed to be defined and completed. And he succeeded very well!

Great changes, an exquisite job in giving this tune an epic meaning.

It’s a track combining two songs in one, it sees the contribution of Dave Fielding with his e-bow, that of Jason Monseur on drums and John Hamm on strings and Krissy Vanderwoude’s velvety voice.

A song that has an atypical progression in the history of the band from Atlanta, but with evident points of contact with the past of this artistic project of Jack, who remains the only survivor since 2007, the year in which the band was officially born.

You can promptly breathe a scent of sacredness and suspension, Krissy’s voice joins Jack’s melancholic one and it immediately insinuates itself into the passageways of your heart.

It moves the concept of the song form and it’s a continuous up and down with acoustic and electric guitars, with Dave managing to give fullness to a sound that is a race towards the sky.

Jack finds a way to enhance, with humility, his voice, to give it a new colour and intensity, allowing Krissy to accompany him in a vocal path that, united, enchants us for intensity.

Scream for Me is a dive into the void of a delicate, subtle, almost invisible scream, which comes from the desire to give another person this role, an altruistic gesture revealing modesty, maybe fear, perhaps a lack of strength.

Delicacy and sweetness are combined with lyrics that show a sense of bitterness, a passing on a continuous shift of roles and invitations to blend into a song that has sudden changes of rhythm and scenery, with a positive ending in its message and that fades leaving us as if we were embraced by all this, hugs more than ever necessary in this period of great absences.

In conclusion: that’s five minutes showing a real and deep talent, endless ideas that continuously find, in its revelation, oxygen and concreteness to leave us speechless, giving us a scream that has dissolved in a celestial music.

Alex Dematteis

A special thanks to the photographer Simona Sergi for her wonderful picture.

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